When it comes to push ads, where does one even start? Recently, there has actually been talk about phasing this particular traffic source out. Is this even true? Who knows! All we know for sure is that there is still a TON of opportunity to be had.

Andrew Payne, also known as Mr. Payne on the STM Forum, has seen his push traffic go from zero to 7-figures. He shared his biggest profit producing insights onstage at Affiliate World Europe 2019.

Here are his top push traffic tips:

Build Your Own Subscriber List

Utilise other traffic sources to own an exclusive Push subscriber list to squeeze as much juice from as possible. His main sources were:

  • Pop Traffic: Andrew played to his strengths and made Pops his main source of subscribers.
  • Advertiser: Set a CPA per geo to set and forget.
  • Affiliates: Bring in affiliates you trust and set a CPA goal per subscriber.

Build a Custom Platform

Andrew’s custom tracking platform on Google’s Firebase solution gave him the ultimate competitive edge.

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  • It tracks performance to see how much he’s paying per subscriber per traffic source.
  • Tracks revenue per source to judge the quality.
  • Adjusts the bids per source to optimise.
  • Fast and accurate split testing for copy/landing pages/offers/scheduling.
  • Kept his code and landing pages serving fast globally using CDN.


  • Andrew’s Subscriber Backflow method accounted for 30% of his subscriber database using redirects. It also used offer redirects to increase overall revenue by 12%.
  • Split-test different offers from different verticals. Split-test ad copy. Split-test time of sending. (See video below for specifics.)


  • That’s how you win at Push Ads and keep the cash rolling in

Bonus Tip: Understand Lifetime Value of a Subscriber

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